Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jobless rate in US hits 8.5 per cent

THE US unemployment rate soared to 8.5 per cent last month, a 25-year high, as employers slashed jobs and cut workers' hours to the lowest level on record.

In a report underscoring the economy's distress, the US Labor Department said employers slashed 663,000 jobs in March and revised prior data to show job losses of 741,000 in January, the biggest decline since October 1949.

February's drop in non-farm payrolls was unrevised at 651,000.

But coming in the wake of recent economic data that has surprised on the upside, the report did little to alter perceptions that the economy's downward momentum is slowing, as unemployment tends to peak well after a recession ends.

The economy, now in its 16th month of recession, remained on track to recover in the second half of this year and the intense phase of job losses is likely over, economists said.

"I don't think the recovery for the end of this year is derailed by this jobs report. These are lagging indicators. Job losses are down significantly from January, which may very well be the peak," said Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at the Economic Outlook Group in Princeton, New Jersey.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thongs and Vegemite to take flight on V Australia

THONGS, Vegemite and salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the Sydney Opera House will feature on flights by the nation's newest international airline as part of an assault on Qantas's claim to be the spirit of Australia.

V Australia will also offer a women-only toilet as it seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors.

"Men don't often get it right and I felt sorry for women on aeroplanes so I made it clear I wanted a women's-only lav," Virgin Blue Group chief executive Brett Godfrey said yesterday as the first of seven, 360-seat Boeing 777 aircraft ordered by the airline landed in Sydney.

The aircraft will undergo a series of proving flights for an operating licence before an entry into service scheduled for February 27.

The airline has already caused heartache for the flying kangaroo with a series of launch fares that have reduced ticket prices for its trans-Pacific economy, premium economy and business class seats by up to 40per cent.

This includes business class launch fares of $5999 return, premium economy fares of $2499 and economy fares of $1199.

It has also revealed it will fly direct to Los Angeles from Melbourne, in addition to Sydney and Brisbane, and has predicted price wars on US routes are likely to continue into next year.

The airline is also staking its claim to a slice of the national identity with the Australian flag etched on its silver hull, the Southern Cross on its tail and the trademark flag-carrying Virgin girl on its nose.

Flyers will find Vegemite as part of the breakfast menu and wall coverings with Australian icons hidden in its designs.

The Southern Cross also features in a night sky above the aircraft's sit-down business-class bar.

Mr Godfrey said the airline had been able to bring a "breath of fresh air" to the market by looking at the best offerings from other airlines and being able to plan from scratch.

While conceding Qantas was a national icon, he said V Australia was seeking a contemporary Australian image as opposed to the more traditional image projected by Qantas.

He said thongs would be issued to business-class passengers.

"That is just so bloody Australian," he said. "I think those sorts of things will show a sense of humour ... and we're not like the other guys."

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Stimulus cheques including $900 bonus will be mailed out beginning March, says Wayne Swan

TREASURER Wayne Swan says the one-off payments that form part of the government's economic stimulus package will be mailed out to all those eligible within two months.

The government's $42 billion economic stimulus package, which is aimed at staving off a recession, was passed by parliament on Friday.

Mr Swan said the first one-off bonuses, including the $900 single-income family bonus for families with one main earner, would be delivered by Centrelink from March 11.

The $950 back-to-school bonus, aimed at helping families with school age children with the costs of starting the 2009 school year, would also be mailed then.

Tax bonuses, of up to $900, for working Australians would be delivered from April 6, and people wanting to insulate their home could do so from July 1 by phoning 1800 808 751, said Mr Swan.

He said overnight figures from the European and US economies proved the urgent need for the government to provide "vital support'' to Australia's economy.

"What is going on internationally does demand urgent action from the Australian government,'' Mr Swan told reporters in Brisbane on Saturday.

"Overnight we've seen figures from the European community where the eurozone has shrunk in the December quarter by 1.5 per cent, that comes on figures last week where the shrinkage in the US economy in the December quarter was 1.0 per cent.

"What we've got to do now is to roll up our sleeves, get on with the job of supporting households and businesses, and above all supporting jobs,'' Mr Swan said.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

World Class Holiday Destination in Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the world class Holiday destination of the tourist who bound in the southern of the eastern part of Australia. It is a rugged island of temperate climate. This is due to the geographical structure of it which has a rugged mountain ranges much over of its land area. Tasmania is one of the Australian island and state of the same name. The state of Tasmania was composed of the Tasmania island and few islands that surround the Tasmania island. It also promoted as the Natural state in Australia which is known as the “Island of Inspiration”. This is regards on the large and well-protected natural environment of the state. Tasmania is also known for its identity animal, the Tasmanian devil. Tasmanian devil is known as the largest surviving carnivorous marsupial in Australia. Tasmanian Devil is belong to the eight wonders of Australia which you can see only in the state of Tasmania. Speaking of Tasmanian Devil, that is one of the reason why Tasmania is belong into the world class destination in Australia.

Holiday Vacation is a breath taking adventure if you visit the state of Tasmania. There are lot activities there which you can enjoy your Holiday vacation. The best way is, bring your whole family in order to experience the wonderful adventure in Tasmania. Here are some activities and top destinations in the state of Tasmania: You can go camping, fishing, golf, wildlife watching, trekking, ATV adventure, Diving, Canoing, surfing, and water rafting. These are some of the activities that you can enjoy while staying in Tasmania. Here are the top places in Tasmania that you can enjoy those activities: Launceston, Cradle mountain, Freycinet, Strahan, Hobart, South Tasmania, Southwest National Park, Bruny Island, East Tasmania, Port Arthur, Tasman Paninsula, Swansea, Bicheno, North Coast, Devonport, and Mt. William National Park. If you want a camping experience, you can go at this camping sites Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, Maria Island National Park, Ben Lomond National Park, Mt Field National Park, and Mt William National Park. For wildlife watching, enjoy the spots in

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Ben Lomond, Cradle Mountain, Douglas-Apsley, Rocky Cape, Savage River, and Macquarie Island World Heritage Area. You can enjoy diving and surfing in picturesque beaches like Bicheno, Flinders Island, Freycinet and Coles Bay in East coast. Tasmania is a worth destinations in nature adventures. You can enjoy seeing wildlife in the islands as well in the living marine life in deep sea of Tasmanian Territory.

If you wish to go in a world class Nature adventure destinations, fulfill your dream of visiting in Tasmania by means of securing your travel Visa to Australia. You can enjoy also having and Australian holiday ETA Visa online. You can enjoy the service of the best and reliable online Australian Visa site for rendering you some information and assessment with regards into applications of travel holiday Visa to Australia. You can apply also online for your Holiday ETA Visa in National Visa site. ETA Visa is the fastest processing of your Holiday Visa to Australia. An ETA Visa can be process within 24hours upon applying into it. Plan now for your holiday vacation with your family. Go to Tasmania to meet the wonder of natures in Australia.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Tourist Destinations in South Australia

In every side (regions, places, cities) in Australia are gifted with lot of beautiful sceneries in which a tourist can impress and love it. South Australia is one of the top destinations if you bound in Australia. South Australia is a state of Australia in the southern central part of the country. It covers some of the most arid parts of the continent. It has a total land area of 983,482 sq. km.. South Australia is the fourth largest of Australia's six states. It is bordered to the west by Western Australia, to the north by the Northern Territory and Queensland, to the east by Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and along the south by the Great Australian Bight and the Southern Ocean. The population in South Australia was nearly 1.6 million people which rank fifth in population among the states and territories. South Australia is one the top tourist destinations all over Australia. Because of the beautiful spots there and some cultured activities which a traveler or tourist can really enjoy.

In every places of the South Australia arise the top destinations which dwell on the beauty of the nature and culture concept of Australian people. Here are the top tourist destinations in South Australia: The Flinders ranges from the reliable rainfall district of Clare which you can see also the Wirrabara forest mounted in the ranges, The famous Barossa Valley which known as best wine region, The Coonawarra region who produces also best wine, The Blue Lake from the crater of the extinct volcano Mount Gambier, The Great Australian Bright which you can view whales at the southern ocean, Lake Eyre that known as the Australia's biggest lake, The Murray that known as Australia's greatest river, Naracoorte Caves which you can see the different and unique things inside, The west coast of Eyre peninsula which you can see many remote beaches and small fishing ports, The York peninsula highlights the safe beaches, Port Augusta known as the South Australian crossroad, Fleurieu Peninsula which is known for its wine, beaches and fishing, Heysen Trail a well-known walking trail, Cooper Pedy highlights its colorful opals, Kangaroo island which you can see lot of kangaroos in the island and see other flora and fauna, Innes National Park known as the great camping ground, Grawler ranges highlights the wilderness which you can see wild flowers and salt lakes, and Adelaide hills is the artists retreat which you can find a peaceful environment there that suits for relaxation while having fun.

These top tourist destinations in South Australia are totally magnificent in nature. If you want to go there, plan it right now. Apply for your Australian tourist Visa now in order to travel it immediately in the famous places in South Australia. You can apply also online for your Australian ETA Visa for fast processing withing 24 hours. Get a Travel Visa to Australia now. Imagine, you can visit the wonders of South Australia. A most excitement tour for your life.

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