Thursday, September 25, 2008

English Language Course to Raise Number of Foreign Students

Student Visa can be availed of by students wishing to take an English Language Course in Australia.

National Visas, the premier visa assistance company has opened the gates for further assistance to applicants willing to take the visa sub class. ELICOS or the English Language Course is for applicants wanting to complete an English Language Course in Australia.

Australia, who live with the reputation of having one of the world's leading reputation is one of the most sought after destinations for international students. With the ELICOS, students who are interested to pursue an English Program Course can be granted a student visa.

Interested students must comply with the requirements to be granted for a student visa. The requirements must concur with each other. First, there must be a selection of a registered course by an Australian Education Institution and second, the course must be full time.

The assessment of the visa grant falls into to main factors, the passport nationality and the type of visa the applicant is applying for. The assessment levels range between 1 to five. The higher the assessment level, the more documents the applicant has to procure.

The validity of the Temporary Visa is valid on its face. Once the student completes the course, he is required to leave Australia on the date indicated in the visa. However, this does not preclude the applicant to apply for a temporary Visa or even Permanent Residence before the visa expires.

Holders of the Visa are conditioned to certain requirements. As a holder of a temporary visa, he is to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover or the OSHC for the entire duration of his stay. The fee must be settled before the visa can be issued an is renewable every year. Though, most of the time the Australian Education Institution organizes the health cover on the student's interest.

With the influx of foreign students seeking an avenue to learn English as a second language, the student visa is expected to raise the number of student applicant

For more information regarding Student Visa for English Language Course , contact, National Visas, Suite 3, 118 Church St., Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia or visit,

About National Visas:

National Visas is committed to give high quality service in the immigration industry. The company leads in the world online immigration services. It assists applicants with concerns in visa processing and delivers a fast, expert and amiable immigration advice.

National Visas is a private, independent company and not part of the Australian Department of Immigration. No authority is given to grant a visa but they assist and advice people who want to travel and migrate in Australia. It is a registered provider of immigration advice as required by Australian law.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Expanding Business to a New Horizon

Australian migration is not exclusive for people wishing to be reunited with their family, students who decided to stay for good and traveler's who chose to stay for a lifetime. With the program of Australian business skills migration, business oriented individual are encouraged to launch successful business and settle permanently in Australia. This is a strategy to enhance and open the market globally with a fair and equitable practice. A total manifestation of an egalitarian practice.

Exactly with this type of process, businessmen will expand their horizons to a wider and more competitive market. Although there several options designed for migration, each option is in exact relevance suited to the experience and availability of the applicant.

March 2003 marked the introduction of two relevant stages for arrangement. First, the successful business immigrant has to arrange a Business Skills Visa . This is provisional which last for four years . As soon as the business is at its peak, the applicant can apply for a Business Skills (residence )Visa, if he has established the required requisite level. For a Business talent Visa, this can be available for certain business migrants sponsored by the State governments. This is in a direct permanent visa category.

The application is eligible for a Business Skills Visa who falls squarely on four qualified individuals; the business owner, the senior executive, the investor, and the business talent. Business owners can be the sole owner or a part time owner of the business. Either of the two are eligible for application of the visa. The senior executive as well is entitled for visa application, they are regarded as the senior executive employees of major businesses. Even investors or business people willing to invest in Australia can be granted for a visa. Lastly , business talents or high caliber business people who are to be sponsored by the State is qualified. The three main Business Visa categories in Australia are Business owners, Senior Executive and the Investors.

The core of Australia's Business Skill Visa is to develop international market. This benefits a International businessmen would be interested to invest in Australia thus creating and maintaining employment in the country, which is another advantage. Aside from opening the ports for international market, the transfer of capital and investment will take place. In addition, new and improved technology will be introduced to the country, thus adding additional activities and competitiveness to the market shore , boosting the economy.

The Business Skills Visa works in a reciprocal advantage rather than a unilateral one. Both the business investing and Australia will get loads of benefit from the process.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Australia lures skilled US workers overseas

According to Australian news source, The Age, the government of Queensland, Australia is actively marketing the region as a desireable immigration destination for skilled workers from the United States.

There is record unemployment in America's industrial states due to manufacturing plants shutting down or laying off workers. In response, Peter Beattie, former Queensland premier and now Queensland's trade commissioner who is who based in Los Angelas, issued press releases stating that "Queensland wants you!" to various media outlets in the affected states.

Queensland -- and the rest of Australia -- has a particular need for skilled workers -- especially in the manufacturing, mining, and engineering sectors. Labor shortages are an acute problem in Australia, prompting immigration authorities to increase its skilled immigration quotas for the current financial year.

Beattie stated that Queensland, due to its sunny climate, makes it an attractive destination for US workers from the northeast US states. Beattie also highlighted Australia's lack of a language barrier and Queensland's focus on family, education, and work rights.

"Many job opportunities are located not just at mine sites but in Queensland's beautiful coastal and hinterland towns and cities where workshops and service centres are located," he said.

"We had not thought to recruit in the US but it is a logical market for us as [American] workers are well trained and skilled," he added.

However, Australia is not only looking to America to fill its skills shortages. The country has a highly successful skilled immigration program that brings skilled workers to Australia from all over the world.


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