Sunday, December 14, 2008

World Class Holiday Destination in Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the world class Holiday destination of the tourist who bound in the southern of the eastern part of Australia. It is a rugged island of temperate climate. This is due to the geographical structure of it which has a rugged mountain ranges much over of its land area. Tasmania is one of the Australian island and state of the same name. The state of Tasmania was composed of the Tasmania island and few islands that surround the Tasmania island. It also promoted as the Natural state in Australia which is known as the “Island of Inspiration”. This is regards on the large and well-protected natural environment of the state. Tasmania is also known for its identity animal, the Tasmanian devil. Tasmanian devil is known as the largest surviving carnivorous marsupial in Australia. Tasmanian Devil is belong to the eight wonders of Australia which you can see only in the state of Tasmania. Speaking of Tasmanian Devil, that is one of the reason why Tasmania is belong into the world class destination in Australia.

Holiday Vacation is a breath taking adventure if you visit the state of Tasmania. There are lot activities there which you can enjoy your Holiday vacation. The best way is, bring your whole family in order to experience the wonderful adventure in Tasmania. Here are some activities and top destinations in the state of Tasmania: You can go camping, fishing, golf, wildlife watching, trekking, ATV adventure, Diving, Canoing, surfing, and water rafting. These are some of the activities that you can enjoy while staying in Tasmania. Here are the top places in Tasmania that you can enjoy those activities: Launceston, Cradle mountain, Freycinet, Strahan, Hobart, South Tasmania, Southwest National Park, Bruny Island, East Tasmania, Port Arthur, Tasman Paninsula, Swansea, Bicheno, North Coast, Devonport, and Mt. William National Park. If you want a camping experience, you can go at this camping sites Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, Maria Island National Park, Ben Lomond National Park, Mt Field National Park, and Mt William National Park. For wildlife watching, enjoy the spots in

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Ben Lomond, Cradle Mountain, Douglas-Apsley, Rocky Cape, Savage River, and Macquarie Island World Heritage Area. You can enjoy diving and surfing in picturesque beaches like Bicheno, Flinders Island, Freycinet and Coles Bay in East coast. Tasmania is a worth destinations in nature adventures. You can enjoy seeing wildlife in the islands as well in the living marine life in deep sea of Tasmanian Territory.

If you wish to go in a world class Nature adventure destinations, fulfill your dream of visiting in Tasmania by means of securing your travel Visa to Australia. You can enjoy also having and Australian holiday ETA Visa online. You can enjoy the service of the best and reliable online Australian Visa site for rendering you some information and assessment with regards into applications of travel holiday Visa to Australia. You can apply also online for your Holiday ETA Visa in National Visa site. ETA Visa is the fastest processing of your Holiday Visa to Australia. An ETA Visa can be process within 24hours upon applying into it. Plan now for your holiday vacation with your family. Go to Tasmania to meet the wonder of natures in Australia.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Tourist Destinations in South Australia

In every side (regions, places, cities) in Australia are gifted with lot of beautiful sceneries in which a tourist can impress and love it. South Australia is one of the top destinations if you bound in Australia. South Australia is a state of Australia in the southern central part of the country. It covers some of the most arid parts of the continent. It has a total land area of 983,482 sq. km.. South Australia is the fourth largest of Australia's six states. It is bordered to the west by Western Australia, to the north by the Northern Territory and Queensland, to the east by Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and along the south by the Great Australian Bight and the Southern Ocean. The population in South Australia was nearly 1.6 million people which rank fifth in population among the states and territories. South Australia is one the top tourist destinations all over Australia. Because of the beautiful spots there and some cultured activities which a traveler or tourist can really enjoy.

In every places of the South Australia arise the top destinations which dwell on the beauty of the nature and culture concept of Australian people. Here are the top tourist destinations in South Australia: The Flinders ranges from the reliable rainfall district of Clare which you can see also the Wirrabara forest mounted in the ranges, The famous Barossa Valley which known as best wine region, The Coonawarra region who produces also best wine, The Blue Lake from the crater of the extinct volcano Mount Gambier, The Great Australian Bright which you can view whales at the southern ocean, Lake Eyre that known as the Australia's biggest lake, The Murray that known as Australia's greatest river, Naracoorte Caves which you can see the different and unique things inside, The west coast of Eyre peninsula which you can see many remote beaches and small fishing ports, The York peninsula highlights the safe beaches, Port Augusta known as the South Australian crossroad, Fleurieu Peninsula which is known for its wine, beaches and fishing, Heysen Trail a well-known walking trail, Cooper Pedy highlights its colorful opals, Kangaroo island which you can see lot of kangaroos in the island and see other flora and fauna, Innes National Park known as the great camping ground, Grawler ranges highlights the wilderness which you can see wild flowers and salt lakes, and Adelaide hills is the artists retreat which you can find a peaceful environment there that suits for relaxation while having fun.

These top tourist destinations in South Australia are totally magnificent in nature. If you want to go there, plan it right now. Apply for your Australian tourist Visa now in order to travel it immediately in the famous places in South Australia. You can apply also online for your Australian ETA Visa for fast processing withing 24 hours. Get a Travel Visa to Australia now. Imagine, you can visit the wonders of South Australia. A most excitement tour for your life.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finding Best Deal to Travel and Work in Australia

Despite of Global Financial problems, Australia now is one of the leading destination for travel, study, and work. Australia is one of the most stabilized country who have a great economic status despite of economic turmoil all over the world. If some developed countries are bends because of the problem, Australia was continue in prosperity. This is due to the small population of the country and have a greater demand of workplace there. Australia are in the midst of strengthening their human resource particularly in skill works which they open the workplace for overseas skilled workers. There are wide range of job opportunities in Australia as stated in some Aussie job sites. There are category jobs for Finance jobs, Nursing jobs, Legal jobs, Oil and Gas jobs, Creative jobs, Secretarial jobs, Science jobs, Pharmaceutical jobs, Executive jobs, Health Industry jobs, Government jobs, HR jobs, Hotel & Restaurant Jobs, Real estate jobs, Education jobs, Construction jobs, Security jobs, Engineering jobs, Manufacturing jobs, Marketing jobs, Insurance jobs, Casino jobs, Aviation jobs, and many more. Choosing Australia as your working destination or travel destination is favorable into you because you can easy find work there even handling only a working holiday Visa. In which, you can able to admit yourself in having a part time job.

There's a lot of way in finding a best deal to travel and work in Australia. All you need to do is search for the best deal that will give you the perfect opportunity to go abroad particularly in Australia. If you wish to travel and work in Australia in minimal period of time. You must be aware of the different Visa programs that suits for your purpose in going to Australia. Australian Visa is very particular in every Visa programs of it. If you want to have a complete information, the fastest way to have factual information is through online assessment of Australian national Visa site. There are lot of Australian Visa online which able to help you in having an information, assessment, and also online offering online application of your Visa especially in Australian ETA Visa which intend for travel Visa to Australia. If you wish to work in long period of time, you can apply for Australian skilled Visa. And for those who are businessman that having a business deal in Australia, the right Visa program for you is Australian Business Visa.

The best deal to go in Australia was depend on what Visa program you handled. Because in these Visa programs, you were entitle to do your purpose which incorporate into your Visa. For me, if you find a worth while job opportunities, choose Australia as your working destination. If you chose Australia, you were find the best deal in going there. While working there, you have a lot of opportunity to travel and experience the wonders of living in Australia. You can enjoy the high standard of living there, and if you lucky enough, you can migrate your whole family in Australia. In this matter, a best deal for your children that they experience studying in the world class Universities and educational institutions in Australia which offers a cost-effective tuition fee, safe educational environment, and world class quality of education. That is the best deal in Australia.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Earn while on Vacation to Australia

Let's meet the wonders of Australia with a bonus opportunity of having a part time job. Having a holiday vacation is Australia is worthwhile experience which you were able to travel some scenic places and experience a one of a kind adventure and experience while in the heart of the cities or in the isle of awesome beaches in the country.

And if you out of cash to pursue traveling around Australia's finest places, don't be sad because you might pursue on that. But this time, have a part time job in order to pursue traveling the beauteous of Australia. Why do I turn you in having part time job? Because you can have a part time job while you are in Holiday vacation in Australia. That is a special part of having a holiday Visa for Australia. Imagine, you can earn money while you're in the vacation.

For me, its a great opportunity to travel in Australia with working and holiday vacation Visa. Why? The Working Holiday Visa gives you the opportunity to travel around Australia over a 12 month period and having the option of part-time or casual employment. In this opportunity, you can experience working in different company in Australia. This is very fruitful for us because we all know that the world is suffering from economic turmoils. So, if we have a plan to have a holiday vacation abroad, don't think to much. Go on to secure your working holiday Visa for Australia and pack your things and experience the earn-some vacation in Australia.

There are lot of tourist destination in Australia which features by every region and its cities. Like traveling in New South Wales and bound to the capital city which is Sydney. You can enjoy experience visiting Sydney through its cultures, beaches, harbor views, museums, historical sites, theaters, and fine dining venues or restaurants. Beside from Sydney, there are lot of tourist destinations all over the continent of Australia. You can choose travel in Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide and some places in South Australia, Brisbane and Queensland, Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory, Darwin and North Territory, Hobart and Tasmania, and a wild tour to Perth and Western Australia.

In those places in Australia, you can see different places which dwells on different cultures of people around Australia. A one of a kind experience that gives you a total satisfaction in having a holiday vacation in Australia. And as I've said, if you done traveling is some picturesque places in Australia, you may engage yourself for a casual employment which you were able to have a part time job. In Australia, the work place here are widely opportunity for every tourist who want to earn extra money.

In every places, cities, and regions all over Australia have a wide range of working opportunity. In having a part time job in Australia during your Holiday vacation, you were not able to work for more that 3 months in same employer.

If you want to pursue working part time, you need to find another employer before 3 months working with your current employer. For more information regarding on this topic, the Visa customer representative will give you a brief knowledge regarding on the Visa program you want to proceed. If you intend to have a holiday vacation and want to work, the appropriate Visa for your purpose is the Working Holiday Visa.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to Survive in Airline Cancellation

You are traveling to Australia to spend the holiday. Having in mind that people would flock the place to spend Christmas, what will you do to be in time for Christmas?

Flight reservation to some is done two or three months earlier before the departure date. This happens peculiarly during the yuletide or holiday season. Since some are assuming for a possible flocking in travel agencies and ticket centers, the reservation is done earlier than expected.

How would you feel if the agency calls you and says the flight is canceled? Before blood rushes up to the brain.. consider this alternatives and tips.

1.Confirming the flight:
Check out at least two weeks in advance to confirm your flight. Using the phone or simply going online a day before you leave is not that ideal. Unprecedented circumstances might arise. If the flight is canceled and the news was just conveyed to you a day before, it would ruin all the plans and the refund might take at least two weeks. By then, the holiday season will be over. Getting in touch with the air carrier is preferred rather than with the agent. Some things might get get lost during the course of conversation with agent. Remember, the agent will translate it to the carrier.

2.Get abreast with the contract or carriage. Usually, the practice would be an for the traveler to receive refund or a rescheduled flight during. Get to learn more of the contract. Look at it closely and search for the stipulation indicating a refund or reschedule during the cancellation. A knowledge of the contract can help in the long run. Reference to it from time to time can be helpful to review the rights .

3.Choose a good travel agent: Working with competent travel agents help. If in doubt with the person, don't pursue, you might be placed in a jeopardized position. Check out in the locals or through research who are the best and go for it.

If you prefer for a do-it-myself booking, try this points and tools.

1.Sign up for email alerts from the airline company or the agent for any possible news.
2.Checking out on flight stats would be informative. They give accurate information from the latest travel news.
3.Try booking for flights that are lesser prone to cancellation. While somethings are inevitable, it is not easy to guess if the flight might be canceled. Get terrific resources from from someone reliable like the Transportation Bureau.
4.Combine the stats. Try connecting the dots from the information you got. If the re is a possibility for a flight cancellation, then do so.. the earlier the better. You can still make alternative plans in the long run.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kangaroo on the Look

Visiting Australia for a pleasure trip would not be complete without taking a closer look at its famous kangaroos and koalas. From movies to told stories the existence of these animals peculiarly in Australia drive interest of animal lovers, inquisitive tourist and back packers.

The Kangaroo island in Australia is located in the Backstairs passage from the Fleurieu Peninsula. The island is blessed with its pristine beaches and wilderness that casts an enchanting spell to a nature lover. What makes it famous is the existence of kangaroos, a sub-specie of the western gray kangaroo. Matthew Flinders named the island after his exploration and mapping in the early 1800. He gave the name after he feasted on a kangaroo meat which his crews slew.

While it stand isolated by a stretch of sea from the Australian mainland, the Island has escaped the plague of foxes and rabbits which pose a threat to, much of the country’s native wildlife.
The kangaroos stand to be an epitome symbol in Australian wildlife with its grace, beauty and speed. In "Kangaroos and Wallabies" leading wildlife photographer Dave Watts had an opportunity to pays tribute to kangaroos and their smaller relatives – this includes the wallabies, pademelons, bettongs, and wallaroos . It was in a brilliant and informative portrait.

Famous in the world, it is one of the top interest of tourist destination and studies. Its fame has ramped its way up to be an icon that attaches to the country's name. Not only does it became a top hit for visitation, it is importantly linked the the cultural heritage of the country. The animal has long been very essential tot eh survival of the Indigenous people in Australia. They hunt kangaroos of thousands for both meat and skin. The Europeans have arrived in the 18th century and had the same interests of hunting the animal for survival.
The animal has been a continuous food resource nut only under the strict authoritative power the government. To this date laws were passed protecting the very existence of the animal that is endangered for extinction.
Visiting Australia is not just about taking a dip in its waters or immerse on its city life, the country with its rich diverse cultural heritage and natural resources has it all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get Styled at Melbourne

If planning to get an Australian Visa for a travel and leisure trip, one place not to be overlooked should be Melbourne. Getting a travel visa for a visit would be less meaningful without visiting the shopping capital. Whether you are heading to the nearest embassy for an Immigration visa or an Australian Visitor Visa, better check out what Melbourne has.

From haute couture or vintage clothing, Melbourne offers the best shopping and night life in Australia claiming the prestige of a style -setter.

It has an inborn beauty with a combination of spectacular combination of the new and old architecture, it is hardly not surprising that it gets a share of the most visited sites in Australia. The elegant landscapes, ethnic communities harmoniously living and lavish park and gardens, the city has a bounty of enlightenment as a most livable city in the world.

Known to be the second largest city in Australia, it is located on a coastal plain at the top of the famous giant horse shoe shaped Port Philip bay. With its site in the southern coast of Australia, it is the country's most cultures and politically conservative city. The capital state of Victoria has a pride heritage of Victorian -era architecture. The line of museums, theaters and art galleries evidences the preserved heritage. The blending of cultures results to the multicultural 3.5 million population.

Visiting Melbourne attaches with it the identity of a stylish and shopping capital from the rest of Australian cities. It has been famously know for decades. Whatever a visitor wants, Melbourne has it all. From the large department stores to shopping centers, each corner reveals a shopping space for a shopping spree.

The fashion taste is flexible. It caters all taste whether on a tight budget or down to the trendy designer chic outfits. An ABC to Z of fashion names are all there. The shopping stalls open mostly at seven days and closes late at 9pm on Fridays. Shopping hours from Mondays to Thursdays run from 10am to 5pm.

One of the most famous shopping center is Sundays Market at the Arts Center. It is not an ordinary market as one thinks, it is more of it. It showcases over 150 stalls of Victoria's finest artisans' work. Each stallholders are selected after passing strident examination for the quality and diversity of their work. Going around the market, one could see leather wear of distinctions taken from kangaroo, crocodile and sea snakes. At work can be found everywhere, whether in canvas, metals or textile.

The Queen Victoria prides also with its 1,000 stalls that sells almost everything. It is named as Melbourne shopping mecca. From meat to shoes to pets and travel goods, name it.. it has everything.

The Royal Arcade should not be overlooked. Built in 1869, it is the city's oldest shopping center, maintaining it airy and graceful ambiance despite many alterations.

The grandest shopping arcade built in 1891 is the Block Arcade. It features high ceiling murals and mosaic floors. The arcade is patterned to those of Paris and London or even Milan, France.
d on those of Paris, London and Milan.

It is undeniable that visitors visit and revisit the place, getting Australian Electronic Visas or merely Australian Travel Visa just to see the place. With more of Melbourne's shopping and stylish centers, it claims to be fashion city. Blended with the natural sceneries and stylish comforts, one could not deny how breath taking Melbourne is.... it is naturally borne to be beautiful.

by: Myrthle L. Guimbatan-Robillos

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Joie de vivre of Working in Australia:

The pursuit for happiness and joy is a long and winding road. But what exactly is joy? Joy is an abstract term that can be referred to an achievement in career, marriage, or simply being contented with what life has to offer. It strikes curiosity why people despite having the comforts of their homes, leave and take another route. Joy is not absolute then. When something else fails, it looses its scent and fades away.

Many people working overseas have responded that a better opportunity to expand career paths outside the country of origin is like having a taste of euphoria. It is similar to achieving joie de vivre. For instance working in Australia; the country has excellent career opportunities and a lifestyle to be looked forward to. These are just few of the thousand good reasons why a remarkable number works overseas in Australia.

Taking a closer look, aside from the career opportunities, the country has a great weather. Excellent pay rate, low cost of living, laid back Aussie attitude, and good working conditions. To wit, it comes in a beautifully wrapped item that brings joy and delight.

Career Development

Every employee dreams advancement in their careers. One step forward means two claps of achievement. Who would not want to go up the ladder?

Most Australian companies support staffs to develop their personal and professional career. It is their primordial goal to give each employee a fair square chance to walk and climb up. They invest in their staffs like sending them to schools and trainings essential to achieve outcomes of quality.

A well learned individual becomes an asset to the companies and in turn bring in positive results.

Working Conditions

While advancement is essential for professional and personal progress, a conducive and commendable working condition is likewise of the same importance.

Working in Australia gets the benefit of a flex working time. They give merit to those who work extra effort to bring changes. Aside from the filthy competitive salaries and benefits, they enjoy the luxury of yummy fringe benefits .

Employees are given performance achievement for the renowned and exemplary contributions and performance. Similarly, they give credit to conduct.

Work life balance

Acknowledging the employees contribution in the industry, they are entitled to leaves and leave purchase.

Employees who are to have maternity, sick and vacation leaves have the benefit to secure and enjoy it. This is in consonance to the universal maxim that “man cannot work more than what he could bear, working like a cow until the dawn casts away.”

Every employee enjoy the benefit of having their child or their aged parents left in care. Since families are the driving force for an employee to work, a care on their children and aged parents is substantial.

Part time employees are also welcome to participate in the working force.

Safety and Health

A discrimination free working place makes working worthwhile. Every employee is taken and acted upon equally. No one is above the other. It is a total simplification of the egalitarian thinking which the country proudly practices.

People with disabilities are given reasonable adjustments to engage in the profession. Health and safety of employees are of importance.

Competitive Salaries

The salary of every employee is in proportion to their work loads. It is over and above the standard scale. This package is one reason why many seeks to land in the Australian shores.

The Requirement

Before one could land up to a dream job in Australia, he has to secure a working visa at the Australian immigration. The visa for Australia entitles the holder a key to the Australian shores while an Australian work visa gives him the privilege to enjoy the benefit of working.
Work in Australia is very competitive. The awaiting opportunity for an employee to soar higher is positive to accomplish.

This conclusively implies that employees are given high regard in the industry. The benefits of working in Australia can make someone achieve his joie de vivre, “the joy of living.'

Thursday, September 25, 2008

English Language Course to Raise Number of Foreign Students

Student Visa can be availed of by students wishing to take an English Language Course in Australia.

National Visas, the premier visa assistance company has opened the gates for further assistance to applicants willing to take the visa sub class. ELICOS or the English Language Course is for applicants wanting to complete an English Language Course in Australia.

Australia, who live with the reputation of having one of the world's leading reputation is one of the most sought after destinations for international students. With the ELICOS, students who are interested to pursue an English Program Course can be granted a student visa.

Interested students must comply with the requirements to be granted for a student visa. The requirements must concur with each other. First, there must be a selection of a registered course by an Australian Education Institution and second, the course must be full time.

The assessment of the visa grant falls into to main factors, the passport nationality and the type of visa the applicant is applying for. The assessment levels range between 1 to five. The higher the assessment level, the more documents the applicant has to procure.

The validity of the Temporary Visa is valid on its face. Once the student completes the course, he is required to leave Australia on the date indicated in the visa. However, this does not preclude the applicant to apply for a temporary Visa or even Permanent Residence before the visa expires.

Holders of the Visa are conditioned to certain requirements. As a holder of a temporary visa, he is to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover or the OSHC for the entire duration of his stay. The fee must be settled before the visa can be issued an is renewable every year. Though, most of the time the Australian Education Institution organizes the health cover on the student's interest.

With the influx of foreign students seeking an avenue to learn English as a second language, the student visa is expected to raise the number of student applicant

For more information regarding Student Visa for English Language Course , contact, National Visas, Suite 3, 118 Church St., Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia or visit,

About National Visas:

National Visas is committed to give high quality service in the immigration industry. The company leads in the world online immigration services. It assists applicants with concerns in visa processing and delivers a fast, expert and amiable immigration advice.

National Visas is a private, independent company and not part of the Australian Department of Immigration. No authority is given to grant a visa but they assist and advice people who want to travel and migrate in Australia. It is a registered provider of immigration advice as required by Australian law.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Expanding Business to a New Horizon

Australian migration is not exclusive for people wishing to be reunited with their family, students who decided to stay for good and traveler's who chose to stay for a lifetime. With the program of Australian business skills migration, business oriented individual are encouraged to launch successful business and settle permanently in Australia. This is a strategy to enhance and open the market globally with a fair and equitable practice. A total manifestation of an egalitarian practice.

Exactly with this type of process, businessmen will expand their horizons to a wider and more competitive market. Although there several options designed for migration, each option is in exact relevance suited to the experience and availability of the applicant.

March 2003 marked the introduction of two relevant stages for arrangement. First, the successful business immigrant has to arrange a Business Skills Visa . This is provisional which last for four years . As soon as the business is at its peak, the applicant can apply for a Business Skills (residence )Visa, if he has established the required requisite level. For a Business talent Visa, this can be available for certain business migrants sponsored by the State governments. This is in a direct permanent visa category.

The application is eligible for a Business Skills Visa who falls squarely on four qualified individuals; the business owner, the senior executive, the investor, and the business talent. Business owners can be the sole owner or a part time owner of the business. Either of the two are eligible for application of the visa. The senior executive as well is entitled for visa application, they are regarded as the senior executive employees of major businesses. Even investors or business people willing to invest in Australia can be granted for a visa. Lastly , business talents or high caliber business people who are to be sponsored by the State is qualified. The three main Business Visa categories in Australia are Business owners, Senior Executive and the Investors.

The core of Australia's Business Skill Visa is to develop international market. This benefits a International businessmen would be interested to invest in Australia thus creating and maintaining employment in the country, which is another advantage. Aside from opening the ports for international market, the transfer of capital and investment will take place. In addition, new and improved technology will be introduced to the country, thus adding additional activities and competitiveness to the market shore , boosting the economy.

The Business Skills Visa works in a reciprocal advantage rather than a unilateral one. Both the business investing and Australia will get loads of benefit from the process.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Australia lures skilled US workers overseas

According to Australian news source, The Age, the government of Queensland, Australia is actively marketing the region as a desireable immigration destination for skilled workers from the United States.

There is record unemployment in America's industrial states due to manufacturing plants shutting down or laying off workers. In response, Peter Beattie, former Queensland premier and now Queensland's trade commissioner who is who based in Los Angelas, issued press releases stating that "Queensland wants you!" to various media outlets in the affected states.

Queensland -- and the rest of Australia -- has a particular need for skilled workers -- especially in the manufacturing, mining, and engineering sectors. Labor shortages are an acute problem in Australia, prompting immigration authorities to increase its skilled immigration quotas for the current financial year.

Beattie stated that Queensland, due to its sunny climate, makes it an attractive destination for US workers from the northeast US states. Beattie also highlighted Australia's lack of a language barrier and Queensland's focus on family, education, and work rights.

"Many job opportunities are located not just at mine sites but in Queensland's beautiful coastal and hinterland towns and cities where workshops and service centres are located," he said.

"We had not thought to recruit in the US but it is a logical market for us as [American] workers are well trained and skilled," he added.

However, Australia is not only looking to America to fill its skills shortages. The country has a highly successful skilled immigration program that brings skilled workers to Australia from all over the world.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minimum salary increase for skilled workers

The minimum salary level (MSL) for occupations that are eligible for the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) has increased by 3.8 per cent from August 1.

The MSL increase for the ENS follows the recent announcement by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, of a similar increase to the MSL for the subclass 457 visa program.

The ENS is a common pathway to permanent residence for skilled workers who are working in Australia on a temporary basis, such as 457 visa holders.

The MSL changes will ensure the program closely aligns with the 457 program and helps to maintain the integrity of Australia’s skilled migration programs.

The standard MSL will increase to $43 440, while the MSL for ICT professionals will increase to $59 477.

These increases will only apply to positions that are nominated under the ENS from August 1.

Existing ENS visa holders, as well as employer nominations for positions lodged before August 1, will not be affected by the MSL increase.


Migration program boosts economy and eases skills shortage

A report by respected economic analyst Access Economics shows that new migrants to Australia deliver hundreds of millions of dollars to the Commonwealth budget and the broader economy every year.

In a speech to the Australian Mines and Metals Association in Perth on August 22nd, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said that the overall fiscal impact of migration is substantially positive and grows over time in real terms.

In its Migrant Fiscal Impact Model: 2008 Update, Access looked at the costs that migrants impose on health, education, welfare, employment and settlement services compared to the fiscal benefits from taxation and visa charges.

For the 2006-07 migration program, Access estimated a total benefit of $536 million in the first year, then another $856 million in year two, growing steadily over time to reach $1.34 billion by year 20.

‘Applying the same modelling to the 2007-08 migration program, the net fiscal benefit is $610 million in year one, $965 million in year two then growing to $1.5 billion by year 20,’ Senator Evans said.

‘The forecast for the 2008-09 migration program is for an $829 million benefit in the first year, $1.16 billion in the second year, then $1.8 billion by year 20.’

Senator Evans said the Access modelling dispelled the myth that new migrants imposed a huge impost on the taxpayer.

‘The positive fiscal impact is particularly pronounced for skilled migrants, which reflects their high rate of labour market participation and higher incomes which in turn leads to a high level of direct tax receipts,’ Senator Evans said.

‘Migrants also contribute to the broader economy through spending on goods and services.

‘As well as the economic benefits, skilled migrants help Australian employers fill critical labour gaps at a time many businesses are facing capacity constraints.

‘The bottom line is that our migration program is vital to keep the economy growing as well as helping Australian businesses overcome skills and labour shortages.

‘Australia is facing a demographic shift that will see more people retire than join the workforce so the permanent skilled migration program provides a stable, effective and targeted source of skilled workers.’

Australia’s migration program increased annually over the last decade under the previous government to the point where the 2007-08 migration program was the biggest provided by Australia since the 1960s.

The 2007-08 migration program comprised 108 540 places (68 per cent) in the skilled migration stream and 49 870 places (31 per cent) in the family migration stream. Another 13 000 refugee and humanitarian visas were granted in 2007-08.

Last year’s intake represents a seven per cent increase on the 2006-07 migration program which totalled 158 960 places, of which two thirds (97 920) were skilled migrants.

The 2008-09 migration and humanitarian program is expected to total 203 000 visa grants, with 133 500 allocated for skilled migrants, 13 500 places for refugee and humanitarian entrants and a further 56 500 places in the family stream.


Victoria, Australia targets UK doctors

The Victorian Government has announced new initiatives to encourage more doctors from the UK to consider moving down under by simplifying the registration process for Doctors.

An online registration site <> has been developed to provide doctors with guidance on Victorian registration requirements. It helps connect doctors to vacant positions.

The introduction of the Competent Authority Pathway makes it easier for non-specialist doctors to work in Australia. It enables eligible doctors working in the UK to apply for advanced standing toward the Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate.

Doctors who are granted advanced standing will be exempt from the AMC examinations, both Part A (MCQ) and Part B (Clinical). Instead, General Registration may be granted, following successful workplace based assessments while working under supervision.

More information about the Competent Authority Pathway can be found at Applications can be lodged online.

For doctors who would like to move to Victoria long-term, the fast track to General Registration assists in gaining permanent residency.

For UK specialists who want to work in Victoria, there is the Specialist Pathway and the Area of Need (AON) Specialist Pathway.

The Specialist Pathway is centred on the qualification of fellowship. Doctors apply to the relevant college in Australia to have their qualifications, skills and experience compared against the Australian standard of fellowship. Any college-determined conditions will need to be fulfilled which is likely to include a role with appropriate oversight or supervision.

The AON Specialist Pathway, on the other hand, is centred on a job in an Area of Need. This is any position or location in which there is a lack of specific medical practitioners or where there are medical positions that remain unfilled. In this pathway, the relevant college makes an assessment about whether the doctor, who must be the preferred candidate for the position, can adequately perform the role. Doctors who follow this pathway are often assessed for fellowship at the same time.

Victoria offers UK doctors excellent professional and lifestyle opportunities. Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, is one of the world’s most liveable and cosmopolitan cities. It is the sporting and cultural capital of Australia. Outside Melbourne, the cities and towns are home to stunning coastline, mountains and scenic national parks. Seasons are on average 10 degrees warmer than the United Kingdom.

The Victorian public health system is among the best in the world. Victorian hospitals treat some of the most complex cases in the country and are at the forefront of medical research. There are opportunities to work in a diverse range of interesting and rewarding settings; from smaller health care centres serving regional farming communities to large tertiary hospitals in the cities.

Doctors who want to learn more about living and working in Victoria are invited to register their interest at:

Budget 2008-09 - Record skilled migration program to boost economy

The Rudd Government has moved to ease pressure on employers struggling with the skills shortage by adding an additional 31 000 skilled migrants to the 2008-09 Migration Program.

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said on the 13th May, the extra places allocated to the permanent skilled migration program represented a 30 per cent increase on 2007-08 when the Howard government added just 5000 places.

‘The permanent skilled migration program is a capped scheme that has not been allowed to grow sufficiently in the past to respond to the skills shortages now faced by employers,’ Senator Evans said.

‘This record increase in the number of places in the permanent skilled migration program, since the introduction of managed migration in 1947, will help ease Australia’s skills shortage and help fight inflation.’

The increase is further to a special one-off allocation of 6000 extra skilled migration places announced by the Rudd Government in February 2008.

Overall, permanent skilled migration will make up 133 500 places in the Migration Program, which totals 190 300 for 2008-09. The Family stream will be increased by 6500 places to 56 500. This increase in the Family stream includes a boost of 4000 places to the parent visas.

‘This significant increase of permanent skilled workers in 2008-09 will ensure a better balance in our skilled migration program overall,’ Senator Evans said.

‘Australia’s skilled migration program is structured to target skills to meet the needs of the job market by maximising the use of employer-sponsored migration.’

Research has shown that the labour market participation rate for permanent skilled migrants is now more than 90 per cent.

‘The program also works with state and territory governments to foster state-sponsored migration and uses the Migration Occupations in Demand List to get the right workers into the right jobs,’ Senator Evans said.

The increase in the Migration Program from 2008-09 will cost an additional $1.4 billion over four years for settlement services and ongoing core government services such as health, education and employment services. The additional cost to the Budget will be more than offset by revenues from income tax, excise duty, GST and charges paid by the new migrants, estimated at some $2.9 billion over four years. The states and territories will be paid $1.0 billion in GST.

The Rudd Government has also committed $19.6 million to improve the processing and compliance of the temporary skilled migration program, which includes the uncapped 457 visa scheme.

‘This is the first stage of a series of reforms aimed at restoring integrity and public confidence in the 457 program,’ Senator Evans said.

‘The Rudd Government is committed to ensuring the 457 visa scheme operates as effectively as possible in contributing to the supply of skilled labour while protecting the employment and training opportunities of Australians and the rights of overseas workers.’

Senator Evans said the use of 457 visas to employ temporary skilled migrant workers has grown rapidly in recent years.

A total of 39 500 subclass 457 visas was granted in 2003-04 compared with 49 700 in just the first half of 2007-08.

Senator Evans said the temporary skilled migration program is expected to exceed 100 000 places in each of 2007-08 and 2008-09.

A working party led by Senator Evans and the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and including the Treasurer and Minister for Trade, will develop a longer-term reform package which will be considered as part of the 2009-10 Budget.

The working party will consult with state and territory governments, industry and the unions as well as with industrial relations expert, Barbara Deegan.

Ms Deegan is examining the temporary skilled migration program to address concerns about the exploitation of migrant workers, salary levels and English language requirements in order to improve the integrity of the scheme.

Ms Deegan is due to present her report to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and the Deputy Prime Minister in October.

Source: Press release, Senator Chris Evens, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship


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