Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to Survive in Airline Cancellation

You are traveling to Australia to spend the holiday. Having in mind that people would flock the place to spend Christmas, what will you do to be in time for Christmas?

Flight reservation to some is done two or three months earlier before the departure date. This happens peculiarly during the yuletide or holiday season. Since some are assuming for a possible flocking in travel agencies and ticket centers, the reservation is done earlier than expected.

How would you feel if the agency calls you and says the flight is canceled? Before blood rushes up to the brain.. consider this alternatives and tips.

1.Confirming the flight:
Check out at least two weeks in advance to confirm your flight. Using the phone or simply going online a day before you leave is not that ideal. Unprecedented circumstances might arise. If the flight is canceled and the news was just conveyed to you a day before, it would ruin all the plans and the refund might take at least two weeks. By then, the holiday season will be over. Getting in touch with the air carrier is preferred rather than with the agent. Some things might get get lost during the course of conversation with agent. Remember, the agent will translate it to the carrier.

2.Get abreast with the contract or carriage. Usually, the practice would be an for the traveler to receive refund or a rescheduled flight during. Get to learn more of the contract. Look at it closely and search for the stipulation indicating a refund or reschedule during the cancellation. A knowledge of the contract can help in the long run. Reference to it from time to time can be helpful to review the rights .

3.Choose a good travel agent: Working with competent travel agents help. If in doubt with the person, don't pursue, you might be placed in a jeopardized position. Check out in the locals or through research who are the best and go for it.

If you prefer for a do-it-myself booking, try this points and tools.

1.Sign up for email alerts from the airline company or the agent for any possible news.
2.Checking out on flight stats would be informative. They give accurate information from the latest travel news.
3.Try booking for flights that are lesser prone to cancellation. While somethings are inevitable, it is not easy to guess if the flight might be canceled. Get terrific resources from from someone reliable like the Transportation Bureau.
4.Combine the stats. Try connecting the dots from the information you got. If the re is a possibility for a flight cancellation, then do so.. the earlier the better. You can still make alternative plans in the long run.

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