Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Victoria, Australia targets UK doctors

The Victorian Government has announced new initiatives to encourage more doctors from the UK to consider moving down under by simplifying the registration process for Doctors.

An online registration site <www.health.vic.gov.au/workforce/register> has been developed to provide doctors with guidance on Victorian registration requirements. It helps connect doctors to vacant positions.

The introduction of the Competent Authority Pathway makes it easier for non-specialist doctors to work in Australia. It enables eligible doctors working in the UK to apply for advanced standing toward the Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate.

Doctors who are granted advanced standing will be exempt from the AMC examinations, both Part A (MCQ) and Part B (Clinical). Instead, General Registration may be granted, following successful workplace based assessments while working under supervision.

More information about the Competent Authority Pathway can be found at www.amc.org.au. Applications can be lodged online.

For doctors who would like to move to Victoria long-term, the fast track to General Registration assists in gaining permanent residency.

For UK specialists who want to work in Victoria, there is the Specialist Pathway and the Area of Need (AON) Specialist Pathway.

The Specialist Pathway is centred on the qualification of fellowship. Doctors apply to the relevant college in Australia to have their qualifications, skills and experience compared against the Australian standard of fellowship. Any college-determined conditions will need to be fulfilled which is likely to include a role with appropriate oversight or supervision.

The AON Specialist Pathway, on the other hand, is centred on a job in an Area of Need. This is any position or location in which there is a lack of specific medical practitioners or where there are medical positions that remain unfilled. In this pathway, the relevant college makes an assessment about whether the doctor, who must be the preferred candidate for the position, can adequately perform the role. Doctors who follow this pathway are often assessed for fellowship at the same time.

Victoria offers UK doctors excellent professional and lifestyle opportunities. Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, is one of the world’s most liveable and cosmopolitan cities. It is the sporting and cultural capital of Australia. Outside Melbourne, the cities and towns are home to stunning coastline, mountains and scenic national parks. Seasons are on average 10 degrees warmer than the United Kingdom.

The Victorian public health system is among the best in the world. Victorian hospitals treat some of the most complex cases in the country and are at the forefront of medical research. There are opportunities to work in a diverse range of interesting and rewarding settings; from smaller health care centres serving regional farming communities to large tertiary hospitals in the cities.

Doctors who want to learn more about living and working in Victoria are invited to register their interest at: www.health.vic.gov.au/workforce/register

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