Friday, October 3, 2008

The Joie de vivre of Working in Australia:

The pursuit for happiness and joy is a long and winding road. But what exactly is joy? Joy is an abstract term that can be referred to an achievement in career, marriage, or simply being contented with what life has to offer. It strikes curiosity why people despite having the comforts of their homes, leave and take another route. Joy is not absolute then. When something else fails, it looses its scent and fades away.

Many people working overseas have responded that a better opportunity to expand career paths outside the country of origin is like having a taste of euphoria. It is similar to achieving joie de vivre. For instance working in Australia; the country has excellent career opportunities and a lifestyle to be looked forward to. These are just few of the thousand good reasons why a remarkable number works overseas in Australia.

Taking a closer look, aside from the career opportunities, the country has a great weather. Excellent pay rate, low cost of living, laid back Aussie attitude, and good working conditions. To wit, it comes in a beautifully wrapped item that brings joy and delight.

Career Development

Every employee dreams advancement in their careers. One step forward means two claps of achievement. Who would not want to go up the ladder?

Most Australian companies support staffs to develop their personal and professional career. It is their primordial goal to give each employee a fair square chance to walk and climb up. They invest in their staffs like sending them to schools and trainings essential to achieve outcomes of quality.

A well learned individual becomes an asset to the companies and in turn bring in positive results.

Working Conditions

While advancement is essential for professional and personal progress, a conducive and commendable working condition is likewise of the same importance.

Working in Australia gets the benefit of a flex working time. They give merit to those who work extra effort to bring changes. Aside from the filthy competitive salaries and benefits, they enjoy the luxury of yummy fringe benefits .

Employees are given performance achievement for the renowned and exemplary contributions and performance. Similarly, they give credit to conduct.

Work life balance

Acknowledging the employees contribution in the industry, they are entitled to leaves and leave purchase.

Employees who are to have maternity, sick and vacation leaves have the benefit to secure and enjoy it. This is in consonance to the universal maxim that “man cannot work more than what he could bear, working like a cow until the dawn casts away.”

Every employee enjoy the benefit of having their child or their aged parents left in care. Since families are the driving force for an employee to work, a care on their children and aged parents is substantial.

Part time employees are also welcome to participate in the working force.

Safety and Health

A discrimination free working place makes working worthwhile. Every employee is taken and acted upon equally. No one is above the other. It is a total simplification of the egalitarian thinking which the country proudly practices.

People with disabilities are given reasonable adjustments to engage in the profession. Health and safety of employees are of importance.

Competitive Salaries

The salary of every employee is in proportion to their work loads. It is over and above the standard scale. This package is one reason why many seeks to land in the Australian shores.

The Requirement

Before one could land up to a dream job in Australia, he has to secure a working visa at the Australian immigration. The visa for Australia entitles the holder a key to the Australian shores while an Australian work visa gives him the privilege to enjoy the benefit of working.
Work in Australia is very competitive. The awaiting opportunity for an employee to soar higher is positive to accomplish.

This conclusively implies that employees are given high regard in the industry. The benefits of working in Australia can make someone achieve his joie de vivre, “the joy of living.'

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